James Daly
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James Daly

Selling Partner/Sales Representative

James’ background in property management and investments has given him a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. He’s been with us since 2014, and knows the ins and outs of Ottawa’s market well, making him a great partner for first-time buyers or sellers who want lots of information.

James has been buying and selling houses with Paul Rushforth Real Estate since 2014. His 6 years in property management prior to joining us showed him his true calling: real estate. “My favourite part of property management was working to turn over the units and get them ready for new people – so it was a natural transition.”

As an investment property owner, James has a strong knowledge base that he shares with his investor clients. “I’ve helped people buy single condos to multiplexes. It’s always challenging, but fun and rewarding.”

That’s how James describes being a real estate agent in Ottawa: challenging, fun, and rewarding. “When you love what you do, get to meet new people, and have a great team, most of the time it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like you’re helping out your friends. And the feeling of helping someone buy or sell a house…there’s nothing quite like it.”

James has so much fun doing his job that he sold 64 homes in 2018 – so you know he’s good at what he does. “By working here, I’ve learned that I’m where I’m meant to be. I’m not only getting to work with and help people achieve a significant milestone, but I’ve got a team that supports me and lets me focus fully on the people depending on me.”

James prides himself on being a relatable person. We know for a fact that he gets along with everyone! “I like people, and it shows when I meet with someone new. I’m genuinely excited to ask them questions, get to know what they want, and work with them to reach their goals.” It’s his ability to listen and his knowledge of people and the market that makes James such a great realtor.

Outside the Office

James has lived his entire life in Ottawa – minus a few months in Europe before we knew him! In his spare time, you can find him working out, skiing, running, skating – really anything that will keep him active and on the move.

He also spends time with his friends, enjoys going to local restaurants, and travelling. Like many members of the team, James also donates to a large number of local charities.

We were very pleased with James Daly's knowledge of the market and timely help. Would heartily recommend Paul Rushforth Real Estate.Peter and Lisa