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CFRA_Open_HouseEvery Saturday morning at 11 AM, Paul Rushforth and mortgage broker Frank Napolitano join CFRA’s Steve Gregory on Open House.

They provide expert answers to real estate and mortgage questions from people just like you.

You’ll find plenty of information on how the market is doing and why, and they also have plenty of fun along the way!

Whether you’re new to real estate or have plenty of experience already, you’ll find the latest updates you need to prepare for your next home purchase or sale.

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Highlights From Recent Episodes

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October 16th, 2021: Why Pre-Approval Is A Crucial Step In Real Estate

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by discussing today’s listing numbers (2:10), why Ottawa is turning into a Toronto market (5:10), whether mortgage rates will go up in the future and tips to renewing your mortgage (7:05). After the break, the guys converse about the increase in inventory (11:41), today’s mortgage rates (15:23), and first-time homebuyers getting help from their parents (17:06). Then, the gang talk about why you need a real estate agent (21:51), why pre-approval is a critical step in real estate (24:26), and how many people are overpaying with mortgage rates (27:26). To end the show, the guys discuss how different kinds of properties are selling (35:37) and how the world opening up affects real estate and mortgages (36:53).

October 9th, 2021: September’s Real Estate Numbers

Paul, Frank and Steve start the show by conversing about September’s real estate numbers (1:48) and red flags when buying a condo (8:24). After the break, the guys talk about today’s posted rate (11:03), as well as today’s qualifying rate (18:04). Then, the gang discusses the Presidential election and Guam (20:06), real estate stories about poor representation (22:35), and a listener phones in to ask about how to speed up the conditions process (29:43) as well as different types of pre-approvals (32:00). To end the show, the guys converse about how nice weather affects the market (36:08).

October 2nd, 2021: How Buyers Are Reacting To A Calmer Real Estate Market

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by discussing September real estate projections (1:19), why millennials are making luxury purchases (2:46) and fixed vs. variable mortgage rates (6:33). After the break, the guys converse about what real estate numbers we could see for September (11:40), why homes are staying on the market longer (15:19), and people making renovations to their homes (18:10). Then, the gang talks about how much renovations will cost when selling a home (20:35), does it always makes sense to get a secure line of credit (24:48), and the difficulty of pricing homes (27:56). To end the show, the guys discuss how buyers are reacting to the slowed-down housing (31:52).

September 25th, 2021: How A Liberal Minority Will Affect Real Estate

Paul, Frank and Steve start the show by conversing about how a Liberal minority will affect real estate and mortgages (0:36), why landlords increase rent due to renovations (5:31), why the new home savings account is only for people under 40 (7:16), and where today’s real estate market is heading (9:13). After the break, the gang talks about how Ottawa residents are reacting to interest rates and the real estate market (11:53), property values living along the O-Train (15:28), and properties being cashflow positive vs. negative (19:43). Then, the guys discuss the rental construction financing initiative (22:38), converting a commercial property to rental property (27:35), and why the supply issue in Canada needs to be fixed as well as how foreign buyers affect it (29:45). To end the show, the gang converse about today’s rates (34:57), how COVID-19 has affected the real estate market and the economy (37:49), and young people saving for a home during the pandemic (39:06).

September 18th, 2021: The Election Is Monday! Go Vote.

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by talking about the potential outcome of the 2021 federal election (0:43) and money laundering in real estate (5:23). After the break, the guys converse about when the market starts picking up again post-election (10:10) and how fast the market has changed (15:10). Then, the gang discuss amortization (19:19), the Conservative policy on rentals (23:51), Canada’s housing supply issue and constraints on new home builders (26:07), as well as the high number of rental properties in Ottawa (28:45). To end the show, the guys talk about a tax-free home savings account for people under 40 (30:21), how lower rates and stress test could benefit first time homebuyers (33:47) and today’s average sales price vs. last year’s (35:02).