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CFRA_Open_HouseEvery Saturday morning at 11 AM, Paul Rushforth and mortgage broker Frank Napolitano join CFRA’s Steve Gregory on Open House.

They provide expert answers to real estate and mortgage questions from people just like you.

You’ll find plenty of information on how the market is doing and why, and they also have plenty of fun along the way!

Whether you’re new to real estate or have plenty of experience already, you’ll find the latest updates you need to prepare for your next home purchase or sale.

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Highlights From Recent Episodes

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July 04, 2020: Week 16 Of COVID-19: Buying Vs. Renting Condos & Ethics In Real Estate & Mortgages

Paul, Frank and Steve start the show by discussing June’s housing stats (0:35), how frustrating the Ottawa market is for buyers and pricing (2:18), the Vancouver housing market (7:36), CMHC vs. Jenworth (9:09), and the continued rise of home prices and how that’s affecting the market (10:52). Then, a listener phones-in to ask about investing programs for mortgages (15:37), and another listener calls-in to ask about why COVID hasn’t affected the real estate market and unethical realtors (17:53). After the break, the gang talk about today’s rates (23:07), lenders and private mortgages (25:48), why the variable rate is doing well (29:36), and the upside and downside of condominiums (33:23). To end the show, a listener phones-in to ask about buying vs. renting condos (35:52).

June 27, 2020: Week 15 Of COVID-19: Crazy Week For Real Estate & Mortgages!

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by discussing the crazy week in real estate and mortgages (1:23), why pricing your property right is important (3:42), respecting the seller’s wishes during COVID-19 (5:34), and real estate in the US (7:29). After the break, the gang debunks CMHC predictions (10:11) and a listener calls-in to ask about the differences between Quebec and Ottawa real estate (14:40). Then, the guys talk about questions sellers should be asking agents (19:20) and a listener phones-in to ask about bank vs. lender renewal dates, deferring during COVID-19 and investing in rental properties during COVID-19 (21:24). To end the show, the gang converse about today’s current rates (30:35), properties going way over asking price (32:30), and the mortgage side of going over asking price (34:41).

June 20, 2020: Week 14 Of COVID-19: The Ottawa Real Estate Bubble

Paul, Frank and Steve are joined by Mike from Mortgage Brokers Ottawa to talk about people’s trust in the striving Ottawa real estate market (0:51), drastically low listings numbers (3:38), why Ottawa is in a real estate bubble (5:48), and why investing in real estate is your best bet (7:35). After the break, the gang discusses Ottawa real estate listings (10:30), why you need a real estate agent when selling your home(13:48), and the current struggle of being a first time home buyer (15:07). Then, the guys converse about insured mortgage regulations by CMHC (20:43), why homes are selling way over asking (23:41), purchase plus improvement program (25:36), how new builders can balance out our market (27:08), rural property buying trend (29:01), and parents helping first time home buyers (30:03). To end the show, the gang talks about how people and businesses in Ottawa are navigating COVID-19 (33:32) and why commercial real estate is going to get hit hard (36:57).

June 13, 2020: Week 13 Of COVID-19: Why You Shouldn’t Under Sell In This Type Of Market?

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by talking about how listeners can support CHEO by barbecuing at home (0:30), how sales in Ottawa real estate are through the roof (3:28), and current interest rates (9:09). After the break, Mike calls to promote the CHEO barbecue and how you can get involved during COVID-19 (11:57), and the gang discusses positive news regarding potential insured mortgage changes (16:03). Then, the guys converse about the importance of buying before selling your home (21:17), why you shouldn’t undersell in this market (23:59), and the importance of wording on listings (28:58). To end the show, a listener phones-in to ask about renovations when selling a home (32:11), and the gang talk about why having cash flow is crucial in case of a low appraisal (35:47).

June 6, 2020: Week 12 Of COVID-19: Crazy Changes Regarding Insured Mortgages

Paul, Frank and Steve start the show by talking about huge changes in insured mortgages (0:31), the repercussions of this change on the Ottawa real estate market (9:10), and why pre-approval is more crucial than ever before (10:04). After the break, Paul shares today’s real estate numbers in Ottawa (12:33), why a real estate agent is the best person to handle multiple offers (17:02), and real estate agents taking proper safety precautions (19:26). Then, a listener phones-in to asks about surprisingly low appraisals (22:40) and the gang talks about townhomes as an investment property (30:17), and how the changes regarding insured mortgages will affect first-time buyers (32:24). To end the show, the guys converse about the new changes to credit scores (34:36), teaching young Canadians about low credit scores (37:11), and today’s mortgage rates (40:00).

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