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CFRA_Open_HouseEvery Saturday morning at 11 AM, Paul Rushforth and mortgage broker Frank Napolitano join CFRA’s Steve Gregory on Open House.

They provide expert answers to real estate and mortgage questions from people just like you.

You’ll find plenty of information on how the market is doing and why, and they also have plenty of fun along the way!

Whether you’re new to real estate or have plenty of experience already, you’ll find the latest updates you need to prepare for your next home purchase or sale.

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Highlights From Recent Episodes

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July 24th, 2021: Real Estate Forecast For The Next Few Months

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by talking about how Ottawa is heading towards a normal market (1:07), the increase in joint pre-approvals and buying homes together (3:35), and how people are being creative in multiple offer situations (6:15). After the break, the guys discuss cash back mortgages and the potential increase of interest rates (11:14), whether flipping homes increased in the past year (15:38), and what is forecasted in real estate and mortgages for the next few months (17:14). Then, the gang converse about the spread between 1 and 5-year mortgages (20:48), the interest of moving outside of Ottawa (23:15), and why it’s tougher for people to qualify (28:28). To end the show, the guys talk about how much money you need put aside once you’ve paid your downpayment (31:47), why it’s cheap to get a line of credit (35:54), and what you need to do to prepare your home to sell (37:36).

July 17th, 2021: The Changing Real Estate Market & Economy

Frank and Steve are joined by Dora and start the show by discussing the Bank of Canada’s prime rate (0:57) as well as July’s jump in real estate inventory and Fall real estate predictions (3:08). After the break, a listener phones-in to ask about how long mortgages take to process with lenders (11:33), the gang converse about why it’s a busy time for mortgages right now (13:42) and the decrease in credit card debt (16:34). Then, the gang talk about why seller’s now need to put more care into how their home is presented (19:53), first time home buyer appetite (22:34), the self employed program (24:21), how interest rates have changed over the years (26:30), and what kind of properties first time home buyers are looking for (28:27). To end the show, the gang discusses the first time home buyers program (31:49), the pressure on agents due to the shifting market (34:10), and today’s rates (37:25).

July 10th, 2021: June’s Real Estate Numbers

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by talking about June’s real estate numbers (1:42), whether people are getting priced out of properties (4:53), and a listener phones-in to ask about foundation problems with condos (6:57). After the break, the guys discuss what to look for and know before buying older condos and homes (13:02). Then, the gang converse about how buyers are reacting to the cooled-down market (20:58), the future of real estate in Ottawa (24:36), and the government program about upgrading the energy efficiency of your home as well as how renting HVAC equipment affects buying a home (28:32). To end the show, the guys talk about how to figure out the worth of properties in this market (34:36).

July 3rd, 2021: What Summer 2021 Could Look Like For Real Estate & Mortgages

Paul, Frank and Steve start the show by conversing about what July will bring to the real estate market (1:06), buying homes with or without a home inspection (2:26), how home inspections compare to appraisals (7:22), and why we’re not in a bubble (9:36). After the break, the gang discusses June’s potential real estate and mortgage numbers (11:05), going in with or without financing (14:46), and potential listings for the summer and how buyers should react (16:51). Then, a listener phones-in to ask about prices on new builds (19:26), the guys talk about approvals and interest rates regarding new builds (23:07), and how a roaring economy could affect interest rates (25:07). To end the show, a caller phones-in to ask about a lean on their home (29:09) and the guys converse about leans and if they affect closing (35:26).

June 26th, 2021: Why Ottawa’s Real Estate Market Is No Longer Seasonal

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show by discussing June’s potential listing numbers (0:29) and how opening up from COVID restrictions will affect real estate and mortgages (3:15). After the break, Mike from Mortgage Brokers Ottawa calls-in to chat about advanced mortgage investments (8:16). Then, the guys talk about whether we’re in a real estate bubble (17:42), why Ottawa isn’t a seasonal real estate market (21:23), bank vs. lender rate penalties (22:46), and if real estate agreements have changed over the years (26:46). To end the show, the gang converse about today’s rates and variable vs. fixed rates (28:53).