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CFRA_Open_HouseEvery Saturday morning at 11 AM, Paul Rushforth and mortgage broker Frank Napolitano join CFRA’s Steve Gregory on Open House.

They provide expert answers to real estate and mortgage questions from people just like you.

You’ll find plenty of information on how the market is doing and why, and they also have plenty of fun along the way!

Whether you’re new to real estate or have plenty of experience already, you’ll find the latest updates you need to prepare for your next home purchase or sale.

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Highlights From Recent Episodes

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November 9, 2019: How Previous Recessions Affected the Ottawa Housing Market?

Time Stamps:

Paul, Frank and Steve begin the show talking about the cold and daylight savings (0:00), this month’s amazing Ottawa housing statistics (2:53), the locations in the Ottawa housing market that aren’t doing so well (5:23), as well as Stittsville and the Ottawa Senators (7:58). After the break, the gang focuses on today’s rates and the bond market (11:43), negative job report post-election (13:20), and how previous US recessions affect Ottawa real estate and mortgages (16:00). Then, the guys chat about the importance of listing in the winter (20:37), the power of photography and furniture when selling real estate (22:05), choosing the right agent for housing and mortgages (25:16) and buying commercial investments through a holding company (30:22). Finally, the guys finish the show by talking about what the buying options are for variable rates (33:47).

November 2, 2019: Rise of Condos & Investing in Future Builds

Time Stamps:

Paul, Frank & Steve begin the show with topics like predictions about rates going down in January (3:46), variable being less than fixed for high ratio purchases (6:12), best rates on an investment purchased 20% down (8:27), and the trend of not purchasing a home that requires a lot of maintenance (10:40). After the break, the gang talks about the lack of listings in today’s Ottawa market, a potential a rise in the condo market (12:27), buying new build condos and townhomes years before they’re built (16:15), and the gang answers a question from a caller about investing on a terrace home two years away from being built (21:17). To end the show, another caller phones in to ask about renting out a principal residence (33:10).

October 26, 2019: Election Results & Marketing Your Property Properly

Time Stamps:

Paul, Frank and Steve start the show with how turning our clocks back can affect real estate (1:03), Paul’s first real estate deal in a while and his insight from it (2:07), and the importance of face-to-face when meeting with clients versus texting, email and faxing (6:23). After the break,  the gang talks election results and how it affects the real estate market in Canada (11:05), and today’s condo and housing market in Ottawa (16:06). Then, the conversation continues with Paul getting his feet wet again with a real estate deal and his perspective (19:17), the impact of reviews, fake ones and the power of marketing your property properly (25:40), and when banks provide you with incorrect information (27:40). To finish the show, Frank talks about today’s rates (31:26) and Paul talks about if the housing market will balance (34:16).

October 19, 2019: The Rise of Townhomes & The Decline of Larger Homes

Time Stamps:

Paul, Barb and Steve begin the show by focusing on a few political party policies regarding housing (1:36), how you can still get a 30-year amortization with 20% down (4:57), and locking in on fixed and variable rates (7:39). After the break, Barb shares her “Did You Know” tip of the week about not having a full down payment when buying a home (15:07), today’s Ottawa housing listings (20:04), and a long conversation on the rise of townhomes and the decline of larger homes (23:16). To end the show, the gang finishes with topics such as today’s rates in Ottawa (30:46), advice for the first time home buyer (33:04), and pre-approvals (35:37).

October 12, 2019: The Flooring Episode

Time Stamps:

Paul, Frank and Steve are joined by Rob and Mario from Barwood Flooring (00:15), they start the conversation with types of flooring and installing prices (3:12), the differences between engineered and hardwood flooring (5:37), and Barwood and industry flooring history compared to now (8:38). After the break, the gang talks about the current job reports and more election housing promises (11:11), today’s housing prices and new build prices (13:47), and a caller phones in to ask a question about pet proof flooring (15:40). Then, the conversation shifts to topics such as today’s rates (20:50), the potential recession (22:27), today’s listings in Ottawa and less of a demand on single homes (25:27), and housing flooring standards (27:40). To end the show, the gang talks about variable and fixed mortgages (31:38), and installing flooring in investment properties (33:34).