February Sale Price Continue Rising

Properties are scarce in today’s real estate market. And to make matters worse (in the perspective of the buyer), prices are continuing to rise. February

December Numbers & 2020 Review

Although 2020 was a crazy year, Ottawa’s real estate numbers for December and 2020 are proof that there’s still a huge demand for residential and

October Numbers Show Steady Resale Market

Although there isn’t a huge increase compared to September’s real estate numbers, Ottawa buyers and sellers have proven that there’s still a demand to buy

Prices Continue To Rise In June

It seems as if April was the only month that really had any effect on the Ottawa real estate market. June is proof of that.

Slow April Comes As No Surprise

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to have Ottawa residents social distancing, April has seen a slump in residential and condominium sales. Although this doesn’t come

Strong March Amid COVID-19 Crisis

With the serious circumstances COVID-19 has brought upon the world, you’d think it would have an affect on the Ottawa real estate market. Surprisingly, properties

January 2020 Inventory Shortage

If you thought things couldn’t get any harder for buyers, January has made buying more difficult. Due to a decrease in houses on the market,