Dora Bejaoui
  • Client Service

Dora Bejaoui

Selling Partner/Broker

Dora has over 13 years experience as a real estate professional, but it’s her ability to truly listen that helps set her apart. Her combination of caring, market knowledge, and analytical ability helps Dora get amazing results for home buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

A savvy and experienced real estate professional, Dora enjoys every step of the real estate process, bringing innovative ideas and strategies to each transaction. Her market knowledge, passion for people, and analytical approach have consistently helped buyers and sellers make their dreams come true.

Dora has the ability to empathize with clients and be in tune with their needs. “It’s important to understand what people are thinking, not just what they’re saying,” she says. She appreciates the pressures of buying and selling a home and helps ease this process by communicating clearly and discussing each step, helping her clients make informed decisions.

Dedicated and thorough, Dora loves what she does and it shows in the outstanding results she gets for her clients. Whether they’re buying or selling their own home or an investment property, they welcome her blend of experience, knowledge, and caring. From the very first conversation through negotiating offers to the final walk-through she is on top of every detail, proving that personal integrity does bring success.

Family Life

When not helping clients, Dora spends her time with the people who mean the most in her life, family. She’s very active and health conscious, and loves the outdoors.

Caring About the Community

As a mom, Dora feels strongly that every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood. Causes that help underprivileged children and women are very close to her heart, especially Interval House and Free the Children.

My husband Osmel and I just purchased our first home in December 2015, Thank you to the amazing help from Dora. We started our house searching journey a few years ago (if you can actually believe that). We started with a reference from my mother, who then sent us to another one of his agents, who tried to sell us on ideas that were completely different from what we asked for. We have known exactly what we wanted the whole time. We ended up getting spammed with houses (constantly), houses that we did not want at all. So we moved on to a different agent (who was listed on a house we wanted to see). After about 4-5 agents, we ended up just spamming us with random houses that did not match our criteria at all. We felt very determined, yet no one seemed to actually want to do any work to help us find the house we wanted. Until we called Kevin Pryce. His name was listed on a house we really wanted to see. We called him with only the expectation to see the one house and keep searching on our own if that one didn't work out. Kevin was very understanding, and not pushy at all. He listened to our needs, offered some assistance to which we were a little hesitant based on our past experience. He set up an appointment for us to see the house with Dora very quickly. I believe we saw the house only a day or two after we called. Dora was very personable and welcoming. She showed us the house and discussed with us what exactly we were looking for, she went far beyond our expectations with finding us what we wanted. I don't believe we skipped any house she sent us. She really understood what we wanted. She went through the searched houses by hand to choose only the houses she knew we really wanted. We felt valued and important, and that she actually cared about us as people. Not just customers. She even worked her butt off for us to get a house she wasn't even going to get much commission off of (because the sellers were simply horrible). Thankfully, for us and Dora, that purchase did not go through. We finally happened upon the house we now live in, thanks to Dora's tireless efforts. Our home buying experience did not end there, she walked us through every step of inspections, mortgage and closing. She truly became a part of our family. To our 3 yr old, she is "The real Dora". After we finally closed, we came to the house to prepare it for moving our stuff, and found a gorgeous welcome basket, AND even a goodie bag for our daughter. This was already far from what we expected in home buying, but when she gave us an IPad, we were like little kids again. And even more, she invited us to watch a Senators game in the Suite. My husband and I couldn't believe this. How were we possibly being rewarded for receiving amazing service? We were sad to hear that you and Dora would not be able to make it to the game. But we had an experience of a lifetime, and your family was so welcoming and friendly. We were so nervous going there, and they made us feel so normal for being so excited hehe. It was our first date night since our second daughter was born. This was not just any ordinary date night. This was a once in a lifetime experience we will never forget. I want to thank You, Dora and Kevin, for truly enhancing our lives in so many ways. Since purchasing our house, we have been talking about Dora to all of our friends. We can not say enough about our experience. Thank you again so much!