How to Make a Good First Impression When Selling Your Home?

Tammy Dopson shares her top three easy home improvement tips to make a good first impression on potential buyers.


There are three things that I immediately notice on every house that I’m showing to clients. First and foremost is curb appeal. Second is the colours that are in your house. And third is how the house smells.

  1. Curb Appeal

I’m not asking you to spend a lot of money on a horticulturist to come in and design your front yard. Make sure the lawn is trimmed and no garbage around. Have a few pots of flowers here and there to brighten up the colours at the front of the house.

  1. Odours

Odours, well, let’s just say they can turn a lot of people off. Take odour sponges and put them around your house. Make sure there are no strong smells whatsoever. That will sort of distract from the house.

  1. Colours

If you have white baseboards, freshen those baseboards. You know, paint them a nice brilliant white to make those colours pop.

If your colours are from a tired palette, say from 1990, and it’s “dusty rose”, talk to a Home Hardware or Home Depot consultant. Find out what the current colour palettes are, and maybe consider giving your house a fresh new look when it comes to colours.

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