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Monday, June 05, 2017

A few hours ago, we have completed the sale of our home after being on the market for only 5 days (!) and I wanted  to give feedback on the truly outstanding work your company - and especially the sales agent we have worked with: Dora Bejaoui - does. 

I am a regular radio listener, so I have heard about Paul Rushforth Real Estate from the radio shows, your ads in the media, and of course I have seen your cars on the road and in the vicinity of your Kanata office. This suggested to me that you must be a top brand but we did not want to fall just for this image, we wanted to make sure, that there is enough substance behind this image. Thus, we decided to interview 3 agents, some from other well known, well advertised, top agencies in town. However, selecting Dora was a very easy choice: we were so impressed by her personality, style, professionalism and especially her factual, objective analysis of the data, that it was no question that we will go with her. Since both me and my wife are engineers by trade, - who believe in hard, objective data, - this latter characteristic was especially appealing to us. We believe that Dora's science background really transfers to her way of doing business in the real estate sector and makes her to stand out from the other sales agents. Another thing in which Dora clearly stood out was her understanding of the philosophy of our house. This means that she was able to look at it not just as a sum of elements (such as hardwood, granite countertop, finished basement, etc.) but rather as a whole, in engineering terms as a "system", in which the flow, or harmony, or interaction of these elements is more important than the pure list of them. This type of understanding of our property was clearly missing from the other agents.    

The end result is: thanks to Dora we had showings on a daily basis and we got an offer on only the 4th day of being on the market. We have completed the sale on day 6 (today) by getting 98.2% of the asking price and - thanks to Dora's outstanding negotiating skills - the closing date we wanted. What an excellent work from her and what an excellent, innovative system of selling properties you have! It does truly work.  

Dear Paul: I wanted to thank you and Dora for working with us and for getting our home sold at a price, timeframe and conditions, which exceed our expectations. 

Thank you,  


Daniel Feszty

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