Sarah O'Connor, Closing Coordinator
Sarah O’Connor
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Sarah O’Connor

Closing Coordinator

Closing is much more than signing on the dotted line, there are endless details to take care of, and that’s exactly where Sarah shines. She processes all the transactions for Paul Rushforth Real Estate and handles everything closing-related. Combing through the fine print, Sarah reviews each document for accuracy and compliance. (If there is an “I” to dot or a “T” to cross, she’ll find it!)

Having spent years within the real estate industry, she brings considerable knowledge to her position as Closing Coordinator. She draws upon finance, trade, listing, and closing experience to facilitate smooth transactions for clients and colleagues. “I understand the process from start to finish,” she explains. “So, that allows me to jump in at any point.”

Working in real estate is a best-case scenario for Sarah. She loves the ever-changing pace and volume but also enjoys the predictability and logic of numbers. “I get a little bit of everything and work with the best team,” she notes. “What more could I ask for?!”

When she’s not with her work family, Sarah focuses on her own. If she can catch her busy toddler, you’ll probably find them playing games together. Or, during rarer quiet moments, she curls up with a warm cup of tea and a good book.

Giving back

Sarah is actively involved in The Friends of Gatineau Park organization. In fact, if you visit our beautiful nature preserve, you might see her. She serves as a nature interpreter and promotes the group’s vision to foster understanding, appreciation, and protection of the park’s natural and cultural heritage.

In addition, Sarah enthusiastically supports CHEO. As a parent, she is so grateful to have access to a leading pediatric hospital. “CHEO does so much for the children in our community and means the world to so many families.”