Paula Riopelle
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Paula Riopelle

Selling Partner/Sales Representative

Paula brings over 12 years of experience in residential and corporate/commercial law to the table. Her legal background, professionalism, and strong negotiating experience make her a valuable representative to a wide variety of buyers and sellers. As a mom to 3 kids, she also has first-hand knowledge of the real estate needs of young families.

Paula is equally adept at helping home buyers, sellers, and investors find the right property. Her background in corporate/commercial law comes in handy when it’s time to negotiate home prices on behalf of her clients.

There are different reasons she likes helping different types of clients, and Paula is at home with both the financial and personal aspects of real estate. “With investors, it’s a numbers game, and I enjoy doing the math to help them find a property that will deliver the ROI they’re seeking,” she says.

But real estate can also have a powerful emotional aspect when her clients are buying or selling a personal home. “I like helping people make a fresh start. I like the excitement they have when you find them exactly what they want, and how optimistic they become no matter what life transitions they’ve been through.”

As a mom of 3 children, she can relate to the needs of families. “Families with young children like mine need to think about things like school and league catchment areas, so kids don’t have to switch sports teams.”

She recently had an opportunity to bring three generations of a family together under one roof. “One client was a devoted grandmother, and wanted to move in with her daughter to help her out and be close to her grandchildren. But she was having trouble selling her old house. I was able to sell that house quickly so she could have the life she wanted with her family.”

Personal Life

Paula studied Political Science at York University and earned her law degree at the University of Ottawa.

She is now a busy mom has an active family life. When she isn’t helping clients or at a baseball diamond, she enjoys volunteering at her children’s school. She also enjoys skiing, running and cycling.

Community is very important to her. “I chose Paul Rushforth specifically because they’re so community minded and spend so much time with charity causes like the blood drives.”

Favourite Charities

Paula donates regularly to CHEO. “When you’re a parent you know how vulnerable children are. When you consider that these kids are so young and are facing some huge hurdles, you want to do what you can to bring some joy to their lives.”

She also donates regularly to the Ottawa Food Bank, both financially and with food contributions. Her kids get involved at the grocery store, picking out food they think other kids would enjoy the most. “No one should have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table for their families,” she says.

Paula was a great agent...very knowledgeable and helpful! 100% recommended!