Kathleen Graham, Front Desk/Administration
Kathleen Graham
  • Client Support

Kathleen Graham

Front Desk/Administration

A client’s experience often starts with a phone call or a visit to the office. At Paul Rushforth Real Estate, Kathleen is your very first point of contact. She cheerfully welcomes you and then proceeds to support you in any way she can.

She’s always available to answer questions, and she’s well connected—you can count on her to find the right person or resource to meet your needs. With so many things becoming automated these days, Kathleen enjoys adding a personal touch to her interactions. She takes the time to ask, “How’s your day going?” Connecting with customers and colleagues truly makes her happy.

All this comes naturally to Kathleen, who has worked in customer service for years. She’s a natural problem solver and eager to pitch in around the office. Whether it’s relaying messages or booking trucks, the entire team relies on her and appreciates her positivity.

Something Kathleen loves to do is give back to the community. She’s involved in animal rescue efforts and donates to the Toy Mountain holiday drive each year. She’s thrilled to be part of an organization that is similarly motivated. For example, she explained that Paul Rushforth not only lends his moving truck to clients but also freely shares it with food banks and charity organizations. And, she took part in the Thanksgiving pie giveaway, which allowed her to meet many clients in person. “It feels great to be part of an organization that is so generous and closely connected to Ottawa,” she says.

Outside the office

Kathleen is a proud “Hockey mom” to three boys. They keep her busy on and off the ice (not that she minds because nothing is more important than family). In her free time, she reaches for a good book or tries her luck at a jigsaw puzzle.