Josh Batley
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Josh Batley

Selling Partner/Sales Representative

Josh has over 10 years of selling experience in the Ottawa area, consistently exceeding clients’ expectations when he sells their home. He’s sold every kind of home in every part of the city, giving him an excellent understanding of how to market a home to the perfect buyer.

If you want an agent who is dedicated, knowledgeable about the market, and always looking to get the best results, you want Josh. Ottawa born and raised, Josh has spent the past 10+ years turning himself into one of the city’s premier real estate agents. He has experience with residential, investment, and condo properties in every part of the city, which means he knows not only who is going to be interested in your home, but how to sell to them.

Josh specializes as a listing agent: in fact, it’s the part of the job he likes most. “It’s a challenge, but it’s the area I have the most fun with,” Josh says. “I’m driven by getting the results my clients want.”

Josh’s favourite part of the job is telling his clients their home is sold. “I get to see the smile on their face, and I know that I helped them start a new chapter in their lives, whether they’re downsizing, starting a family, or moving to a whole new country.”

Thanks to a conversation with our own Paul Rushforth in the early 2000’s, Josh has found his passion for real estate. “I was in pharmaceuticals, but I was looking for something I would be excited about,” Josh explains. “Paul was starting out in real estate. It sounded like something I’d be interested in.”

After getting his real estate license in 2007, Josh never looked back. Instead, he worked tirelessly to become an expert agent both as part of a company and on his own.

“I was out on my own for a few years. It’s a challenge I’m glad I took on, but I found that I liked it better when I could focus 100% on selling or buying a home for a client,” Josh says. This prompted him to return to his roots at Paul Rushforth Real Estate.

“The support at Paul Rushforth is amazing,” Josh shares. “I never have to worry about missing anything, because we have an amazing family that watches out for each other, and an inside sales department that is one of a kind.”

It’s one of the things Josh highlights when he meets with a new client. “I show them exactly how Paul Rushforth Real Estate is different. Everyone comes in with the misconception that real estate agents everywhere are the same,” he explains. “We’re not, and it makes a huge difference to the clients that we can actually show them how we go above and beyond.”

If there’s one thing over 11 years of experience has taught Josh about real estate, it’s patience. “Real estate isn’t easy – it’s hard. You have to be willing to be patient, to listen to clients, to work with other agents,” Josh says. “From when I started to know, I’m a lot more patient, because I want to be someone that people and other agents want to work with.”

Active in the Community

In the past, Josh has been heavily involved in his family’s foundation. Now he’s jumping into the community with Paul Rushforth Real Estate. “I love that they’re so involved, and you’d be hard pressed to find a guy as generous as Paul.”

Always on the Go

When he’s not at work, Josh is either coaching the AAA Ottawa Titans in hockey, playing hockey himself, or at the rink with his son. “When I do get some free time, I love to go up to the cottage,” he adds.

Having Josh Batley as our real estate agent has been wonderful. He’s always available to answer questions, give advice, and he makes sure we get the best deal possible. Would call him again anytime if we need his services, and will definitely recommend him to family, friends, and colleagues. Best agent ever!!!Charles