When Will My House Sell?

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?

On average, about 40% of Ottawa homes sell within the first month of being on the market. Houses that don't sell in the first month, however, often remain on the market for months and usually don't sell until you’ve made significant price adjustments – if at all!

While a number of factors impact the length of time required to sell a home in Ottawa, the most signficant ones are:

Free Home Evaluation and Selling Time Analysis

Paul Rushforth can help you determine what your home might sell for – and how long it may take to sell – by conducting a thorough comparative market analysis of all homes listed or sold in your area.

There is no cost or obligation for this valuable service, so if you’re interested in learning the value of your home, please complete the form on this page to obtain a custom analysis!

This is a no-cost, no-obligation service. We strive to provide this information in a timely manner so complete and accurate information is vital. Your information is held in the strictest confidence and will never be sold or given away.

Do Seasons Matter?

You may be wondering - will the season impact when my house sells?

Seasons don’t have as much of an impact as you think they do. The difference between selling in winter and selling in the spring is the types of buyers you’ll attract and the amount of competition your house will have.

The right time to sell is when you're ready, and your real estate agent will be able to help with everything else.

When you’re home does sell, don’t forget to do these things >

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