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  • February Buyers Braved the Cold and the Competition March 06, 2019

    Through ice, snow, sleet, and more snow, buyers braved the cold days to make February a strong month for the real estate market in Ottawa. Here are the February 2019 numbers: Total number of units sold: 1,005 - an increase of 2.8% from 979 in February 2018. Five year average unit sales for January:…

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  • Highest Number of January Sales in Decades February 05, 2019

    We got 101.8 centimetres of snow in January - but rather than slowing down buyers, it seemed to have the opposite effect! “January is typically one of the slowest months of the year for local real estate,” explains the Ottawa Real Estate Board’s 2019 President, Dwight Delahunt. “Yet, in spite of the…

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  • Ottawa the Top Gainer Since 2016 February 04, 2019

    The average price hike in Ottawa was nearly 15 per cent, giving a new total of $433,500 — up $56,300 as of December, according to benchmark data published last month by the Canadian Real Estate Association. Remarkably, the absolute gain was double that registered by homeowners in greater Toronto ove…

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  • Ottawa's Most Affordable Neighborhoods January 23, 2019

    Have you ever wondered where your neighborhood stands compared to the others in our city? Ever get involved in the heated east vs. west debate with your friends? Maybe this can settle it! Our nation’s capital isn’t just home to The Hill and the Rideau Canal – Ottawa has quickly become one of Canada’…

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  • Despite Lower Sales in December, Ottawa Real Estate Market Ends 2018 On a High Note January 07, 2019

    Thanks to great employment rates and continued affordability, 2018 was a year of steady growth. Despite the mortgage stress test of January 2018 contributing to lower inventory and more hurdles, particularly for first-time homeowners, over 17,000 happy homeowners found their dream properties. When l…

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  • Ottawa’s Market the Strong One in November 2018 December 12, 2018

    When compared to the rest of the country, Ottawa’s real estate market is the odd one out. “Our market fundamentals are very strong, and we have experienced steady growth for many years, and indeed decades,” says Ottawa Real Estate Board President Ralph Shaw. “Even though home sales are down this mon…

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  • Ottawa Home Sales Up a Brisk 11.8% in October 2018 November 05, 2018

    The cold, wet weather didn’t dampen buyers’ enthusiasm for house hunting. Here are the October 2018 numbers: Total number of units sold: 1,383 - an increase of 11.8% from 1,237 in October 2017. Five year average unit sales for October: 1,223. “October’s sales are truly indicative of the fast-paced…

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  • Lower Supply Spurring the Increase in Prices October 10, 2018

    As we moved into September, housing prices continued to stay above average for this time of year. “We continue to experience supply-side issues going into our fall market,” states Ottawa Real Estate Board President Ralph Shaw. “Economic fundamentals are at play in our market with a lack of supply p…

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  • Busy Summer Indicative of an Active Market for the Foreseeable Future September 10, 2018

    Ottawa had a busier than normal summer this year. Ottawa Real Estate Board President Ralph Shaw doesn’t expect the market pace to change. “Our real estate market has had a busier than usual summer season, and we are shaping up for a busy fall period as well,” Shaw says. “An active market is likely t…

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  • More Homes for Sale in July Expected to Ease Pressure on Prices August 14, 2018

    Thanks to a robust condo market and increasing rural sales, Ottawa’s real estate continued its trend upwards this past month. Here are the July 2018 numbers: Total number of units sold: 1,614 - an increase of 5.9% from 1,524 in July 2017. Five year average unit sales for July: 1,501. Here are the …

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