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Coach Homes of Ottawa LogoPaul Rushforth Real Estate is excited to announce their partnership in joining the Coach Homes of Ottawa Team to bring forward a new opportunity for homeowners looking to add more home to their property.

A coach house is a small, secondary home built on a residential property lot, in the back or side yard to an existing home. It’s a permanent building with a foundation, insulation, with services such as water, sewer, electricity and sometimes gas taken from the existing primary dwelling. It’s not a trailer or other temporary structure.

Coach House One BedroomThis is a new opportunity for homeowners in the City of Ottawa as City Council passed bylaws just this past fall to allow for coach homes. This is an effort by both the City and the Province to increase urban densification, ultimately reshaping the residential real estate market across the city.

Teaming up with other leaders in their respective fields, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa, Luc Lavoie Design and Drafting, Lascelles Engineers, and Dust Evans Grandmaitre Lawyers, we provide you with a complete package that takes all of the time-consuming work off your hands and leaves you with a finished, move-in ready secondary dwelling in your backyard.

Coach House One Bedroom Option 2Our Coach Homes of Ottawa Team is here to educate the market, and provide homeowners the relevant information to make an informed decision. If interested, Coach Homes of Ottawa will walk you through the entire process:

  1. Review zoning and bylaws to ensure that your property is eligible for a coach home, and provide you with the minimum and maximum sizes.
  2. Test the soil/geological structure under your property to ensure a coach home can be built and that construction won’t cause problems for your existing home.
  3. Inspect the electrical, plumbing and gas supply services on your property to ensure that a coach home can feasibly be built, and provide you with the details of how that will work.
  4. Obtain all the permits.
  5. Work with you to design a coach home that looks good on your property.
  6. Work on site building the unit from start to finish.

The end result is a beautiful dwelling that will add functionality to your property.


Are Coach Houses New?

Yes - the City of Ottawa approved the zoning, by-laws and other rules that made coach houses possible in October 2016 for both urban and rural properties. The original push came from Ontario’s 2011 Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing Act.

The goal for the City is to encourage the construction of more homes for people of different income levels in areas where streets and other services already exist. It will make more efficient use of the city's existing footprint without having to tear out existing homes and build apartment buildings.

How Does a Coach Home Help Me as a Property Owner?

Coach House BachelorA coach house could be used to balance care and independence for seniors or adult children.

If you have a business, a coach house allows you to have a dedicated office without having to pay the high cost for an external commercial space.

It represents a great revenue earning opportunity, allowing you to earn a rental income from your existing property.

Also, if you’re tired of mowing the lawn, this is a great way to cut down on landscaping maintenance time!

Won’t a Coach House Affect the Character of My Neighbourhood?

Not if it’s done right. There are lots of rules to prevent people from building too large, too tall, or cutting down the mature trees that make Ottawa such a beautiful place to live.

For example, a coach home can only be up to 40% as large as the main home, and cannot be taller. They may only be built in the rear yard, and cannot completely fill the yard - enough space needs to remain to serve as an amenity area.

How Much Control Do I Have Over the Look of the Home?

Within legal limits, you have complete control. We provide a number of basic designs which can also be customized to your needs.

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