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Video transcript:

“The deadline to buy, sell a house, I had to have the kids in a school area with a school in place at a certain time. I had a specific place I wanted to buy – the area, anyways. So she delivered; she sold my house, I bought another one practically the next day. We worked until midnight to make the deal happen, and it worked, absolutely. Go with Paul”

And why is that?

“Because he’s a professional, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s got the reputation to go with it, absolutely.”

Professional, Experienced, and Team-Driven Buying and Selling

At Paul Rushforth Real Estate, our focus is you. We know that buying and selling a house can be a complicated and overwhelming process if you’re trying to do it by yourself.

That’s why we work as a team to sell your house, help you buy a new one, or both! There isn’t just one person trying to do everything at the same time. Instead, we have multiple people working on your behalf, all with the goal of getting you into the right home.

We Have Resources for Buyers and Sellers

Our years of experience has let us gain a lot of knowledge about the real estate market, which we want to share with you!

That’s why we created a variety of buyer and seller resources that are available on our website.

Our Home Sales are Guaranteed

One of the best parts about working with us is that we promise to sell your home before you move into your new one. If we don’t? We’ll buy it from you.

Learn more about our Guaranteed Sale >

Start Working with Us Today

Are you ready to buy and/or sell your home? Get in touch with us at our Orleans or Kanata location. We’ll start you on the path to your perfect new Ottawa home.

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