The Glebe

I love the Glebe. I spend most weekends there eating, exploring, and shopping with my family.

So I thought: what better way to put my Glebe knowledge to use than to put it all down in a guide just for you?

Glebe open sign

About the Glebe

The Glebe lies in the southern area of the city, bordered by the Rideau Canal, the 417 highway (Queen Elizabeth drive), and Bronson Avenue. While its name literally means church lands, it’s widely known as one of the trendiest, most convenient, and loveliest neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

The Glebe consists of a bustling chunk of Bank Street, with beautiful off-shooting streets lined with trees and filled with single-family, detached homes to the east and west.

There are 2 types of buyers I find best suited and most interested in the Glebe:

  • Buyers with older kids – or perhaps recent empty-nesters – with disposable income looking for an established neighbourhood, great curb appeal, and who aren’t afraid of putting in a little work on a century home.
  • Families who are looking at specific schools.

There are condominiums in the Glebe that attract young professionals who want to walk/bike/bus, and small homes that would work for a couple looking to downsize. There really is something for everyone.

I’d be the first person to tout the benefits of living in the Glebe – it’s an incredible neighbourhood with easy access to so many things.

That being said, I would recommend a different Ottawa neighbourhood if you have the following items on your wishlist:

  • Easy access to recreation centres/sports fields. If you have active young kids who like to run around, bike with their friends, or who are always on the go from one activity to the next, the Glebe isn’t for you. While it has plenty of parks, it doesn’t have the kinds of facilities nearby that make commuting from soccer practice to a swim lesson easy.
  • A garage/more space. Garages in the Glebe are incredibly rare. So are large lots. The properties are reasonably sized, but just won’t work for someone who has a camper van, a boat, or who just needs more space.
  • A no-work house. There are newer homes in the Glebe, but as I mentioned before, most of the properties are single-family century homes. That means they aren’t as modern as new builds, and you may have to make some updates to get the features you want. If you want something ready to go the moment you move in, other neighbourhoods will be a better fit.

I also don’t recommend the Glebe to anyone with a strict budget. The Glebe is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Ottawa, and it is extremely competitive with these expensive homes. As I’m writing this, there are only 20 properties for sale in the Glebe, so buyers need to be prepared for a little competition.

If you’re still with me so far, that means you think the Glebe could be the perfect place to call home – and I agree! Let’s talk about what makes this neighbourhood one of the best in the city.

Schools in the Glebe

When you’re in The Glebe, you’re in close proximity to many, many, many schools. I’ve decided to focus on the ones in the immediate area (roughly within 2 kilometres of the centre of the neighbourhood) – otherwise you’d be here all day!

Please note: We have included a Fraser’s Institute Ranking where applicable. This is not the only way to determine school quality. For more information, please contact the individual schools.

Lady Evelyn Alternative School

  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser Ranking: 3.1/10
  • If you’re looking for a slightly different approach to learning, this school prides itself on thoughtful, innovative, and collaborative curriculum.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Glashan Public School

  • Grades: 7-8
  • Fraser Ranking: N/A
  • There has been a school in this location since 1888. Today, Glashan is a busy, active school with multiple learning paths and activities.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Glebe Montessori School

  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser Ranking: N/A
  • Based on the philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori, this school strives to create a diverse, supportive environment for education.

Corpus Christi Elementary School

  • Grades: K-6
  • Fraser Ranking: 5.9/10
  • This school combines spiritual and leadership education.
  • Board: Ottawa Catholic School Board

Mutchmor Public School

  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser Ranking: 8.2/10
  • Among the standard curriculum, Mutchmor is active in the community and has a philanthropy club.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Glebe Collegiate Institute

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Fraser Ranking: 7.1/10
  • This school has garnered international recognition for its academic and extra-curricular programs, and is the only school in Ottawa to offer the Gifted French Immersion Program.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Immaculata High School

  • Grades: 7-12
  • Fraser Ranking: 6.7/10
  • This combined intermediate/high school offers a wide variety of courses and activities, like contemporary art, music, and math teams.
  • Board: Ottawa Catholic School Board

Public Transportation

Unlike some of the areas closer to the edges of Ottawa, the Glebe works for people who don’t have a car or would prefer not to drive.

On Bronson Avenue and Bank Street in particular, there are multiple stops for buses. You can view OC Transpo routes here.

While routes #6 and #7 run regularly through the Glebe, taking you into Centretown and beyond there are routes (or combinations of routes) that can take you anywhere you need to go in the city.

Healthcare and Amenities in Hintonburg

One of the things I like the most about the Glebe is how close it is to everything you need, without necessarily feeling like you’re living right downtown.

You’re close to several locally owned small stores, grocery stores (including Whole Foods), and the Glebe Community Centre, which hosts everything from meetings to concerts.

You’re also close to several doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and health centres. This is great if you’re concerned about being near healthcare options and other important social services.

Entertainment-wise, you are never going to be bored. You can catch a movie, an Ottawa Redblacks game or go to a concert at TD Place in Lansdowne. The Ottawa Farmers’ Market is also a popular spot to get great local products from local farmers. There may be something happening at the Central Canada Exhibition, built at the Aberdeen Pavilion and endearingly called the “Cattle Castle” by locals.

I’m just getting started:

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I recommend getting your finger on the pulse of this place by keeping an eye on posters, Glebe-based Facebook groups, and websites to find out about more special events. There is an eclectic mix of local businesses that make it clear how great glebe really is. The residential streets are not only beautiful but filled with a sense of pride in being part of the glebe community and finding a permanent home.

Community and Entertainment in Hintonburg

If you’re a community-minded person who wants to be actively involved in making your neighbourhood the best one in the city, you’d be moving to the right place. The glebe neighbourhood development is not just in building multiple rental apartments, but building the glebe neighbourhood.

In the Glebe, there is:

These organizations do so much for the community, and you can join them or partake in their events. The glebe community association welcomes all newcomers and is a great place to meet your neighbours.

Dining Out in the Glebe

One of the main streets in The Glebe is Bank Street – and we all know Bank Street has some really good food. I can’t even begin to cover how many delicious meals you can get in the Glebe, because there are over 60 restaurants to choose from.

Here are just a few that come to mind.

Irene’s Pub

This is an institution in the Glebe – it’s been open since 1985, and has a special place in the hearts of artists, musicians, and music lovers thanks to the frequent events hosted there.

The food is classic pub-style, with a brunch menu for the weekends. They also have an impressive selection of whiskey.

Von’s Bistro

If you’re looking for a more casual lunch or dinner option, Von’s is a good place to go. The food is simple yet flavourful, and the prices are reasonable. Many customers are long-term fans of the food and service.

107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar and Cafe

Opened in 2003, this wine bar is a local favourite for drinks with friends, a romantic date, or a quick bite after a long day. They curate about 2 dozen quality wines – but don’t worry if you aren’t a wine fan: they serve beers, ciders, and cocktails as well.

The food menu is mostly small plates: perfect for sharing. The atmosphere is cozy, friendly, and upscale casual, playing into the Heritage House structure.

Feleena’s Mexican Cantina

Mexican cuisine is amazing, and Feleena’s is one of the best places to get it in the city. Their motto – “at Feleena’s, you’re family” – is 100% true. The owner has been working with Mexican food for over 40 years in Ottawa, and the quality shows on the plate.

You can get all your favourites, including a variety of tacos, tamales, enchiladas and more.

The inside of the restaurant is like stepping into a warmer, brightly-coloured climate – you’ll almost forget you’re in Ottawa!

La Strada Restaurant

You don’t have to be in Little Italy to get a great Italian meal! La Strada is an intimate dining option with an impressive menu and wine selection. Past customers rave about the homemade food, the great service, and upscale atmosphere. This is a great option for a date night with your significant other.

Erling’s Variety

Small plates and shareable meals are popular, especially for groups of friends catching up. Erling’s Variety is perfect for that very occasion.

It opened in 2013, and has become known for the excellent service, relaxed atmosphere, and creative, tasty dishes you probably won’t want to share at all. Plus, it’s got a Sunday brunch that’ll make your weekend.

Jericho Lebanese Food

This beautifully-decorated restaurant is known equally for its impressive displays of art and its sumptuous food. Customers love the atmosphere, the super-friendly owner, and the authentic Lebanese food.

Anthony’s on Bank

This wouldn’t be a proper list without a pizza place on it – and I think you’re going to love this one. The Food Network named Anthony’s one of the 12 best pizzerias in Canada worth travelling for – and if you live in the Glebe, you get to walk there!

These pizzas are out of this world – customers rave online about the crust, the atmosphere, and the servers who complete the experience.

The menu is small but well-done, and there’s a woodfired pizza for every preference.

Orto Trattoria

This newer Italian restaurant features flavours of southern Italy specifically. It’s upscale atmosphere and unique menu is perfect for those looking for a new dining experience. It’s a popular spot, so it can get a little loud – keep that in mind on date night!

Despite only opening in 2017, Orto Trattoria is already know for its fabulous flavours and exceptional service.

The Soup Guy Café

If you love soup, you’ll want to dive spoon-first into this café. Along with delicious homemade soups that will warm your heart, you can get salads and paninis to make it a filling meal.

The prices are fair, and one of the best things about this restaurant is that they offer dine-in, take out, and delivery. Check back often, because the selection is always changing – but I guarantee you’ll find something amazing to try.

Flipper’s Seafood Restaurant

This cozy restaurant is tucked away on a second floor – if you go here, look hard for the entrance as it can be hard to spot at first. But it’s 100% worth it.

For its small size, it packs a big menu absolutely stuffed with seafood dishes. You’ve got all the classics, and even some non-seafood mains so everyone in your family can find something.

Parks in the Glebe

I like to tell people thinking about moving to the Glebe about all the parks in the immediate area. This is not a concrete jungle-type area: there is plenty of green stuff.

Patterson Creek East: This beautiful, lush park is covered in willows and other mature trees, with a beautiful view of Patterson Creek. It’s ideal for tranquil walks and relaxing near the water. This park has multiple benches and restrooms.

Central Park: Host to the summer art festival, this park has plenty of space and is pet-friendly.

Lionel Britton Park: This is the perfect park for kids to enjoy. The play structure is well built, and there’s plenty of shade for those hot summer days.

Dog Park: The name may not be the most imaginative, but it does the trick. This park is perfect for dog-owners. It’s one of the few places that your dog can go off-leash. It even has some permanent park bowls for thirsty pups.

Commissioners Park: This park is right by Dow’s Lake, and is a great family-friendly place. Much of the city’s annual Tulip Festival can be viewed here in the spring. People love the ample parking nearby, the well-groomed paths, and the wide-open feeling that can sometimes be hard to achieve in a city.

Lansdowne Park: Lansdowne is an urban area that was recently developed in The Glebe. It combines concrete courtyards with businesses, restaurants and facilities that appeal to a wide variety of people. In terms of outdoor entertainment, Lansdowne has basketball courts (which become skating rinks in the winter), a play structure, the Civic Gardens, a gigantic lawn, and a skateboard park.

Civic Gardens: The Civic Gardens is an exhibit of local plants at Lansdowne, and is meant as a place for families to relax – they even encourage you to bring a picnic!

Bytowne Urban Garden: The Bytowne Urban Garden (BUG) is a community garden with shared plots for urban dwellers with a green thumb and no space of their own. It can be found in the Glebe Memorial Park.

Glebe Memorial Park: This park is home to not only BUG, but wide open green space for running around, a play structure, and a splash pad.

Is The Glebe for You?

The Glebe is a great neighbourhood that will welcome you with open arms – but it always helps to have someone to walk you through the process of buying one of those fabulous century homes (or condos). As one of Ottawa’s first suburbs, built when Canada’s capital acquired the land from St. Andrew’s presbyterian church to build this community near the Rideau canal. Whether you’re looking for a temporary home or a permanent home- there is something for you.

If you have a question about something in this guide, the neighbourhood, or how exactly to find your dream Glebe home, ask me! I’ve helped homebuyers all over the city, and I can offer that same help to you.