Ideal for all types of buyers and family sizes, Barrhaven offers a lot of modern homes and great schools. With endless amenities, you never have to leave the neighbourhood to find what you need, but it is a bit spread out, so having a car really helps if you want to buy here.

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About Barrhaven

Barrhaven is a newer community located south of Ottawa’s Greenbelt that’s been growing since development stepped up in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, as of 2021, the population of Barrhaven was already over 100,000.

Barrhaven is definitely a suburban bedroom community, with very few major employers in the immediate area at this time. While this makes it great for families who want more space and a quieter atmosphere, Barrhaven is not ideal for those who want to walk to work, or be in close proximity to amenities or entertainment.

The neighbourhood is 22 kilometres away from downtown Ottawa, and surrounded by farmland and many parks, so you get a nice mix of the rural/urban feel.

While the distance from downtown to Barrhaven doesn’t sound long, rush hour traffic can make your commute difficult. If you can get to work without using Prince of Wales Drive, however, you’ll find it much easier.

What really sells people on real estate in Barrhaven are the newer, nicer houses that easily become long-term homes, the strong sense of community, and the abundance of outdoor spaces for kids and activities.

What Kind of Homes Can I Buy?

The inventory of homes is diverse. You’ll find many townhomes, condos and single-family homes, ranging in size from cozy 1,000+ square feet (great for couples just starting out and empty nesters) to larger homes perfect for growing families.

Many of the homes you find for sale will be newer builds, only a few years old. This is perfect for buyers who aren’t interested in renovating and want modern features.

Prices in Barrhaven range from homes in the $400,000’s to over $1M, with many listings in between. This makes it great for a variety of budgets – but we recommend using a realtor to find the right listings for you.

Schools in Barrhaven

Another selling point for families is the neighbourhood’s close proximity to many great schools from the English, French, and Catholic school boards.
Please note: We have included a Fraser’s Institute Ranking where applicable. This is not the only way to determine school quality. For more information, please contact the individual schools.

Elementary and Intermediate Schools

Adrienne Clarkson Elementary
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.5/10
  • Opened in 2001, this school features triple track programming, and multiple extracurricular options.
  • Board:Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Barrhaven Public School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 5.8/10
  • English and French immersion programs, Safe School initiatives, and a wide range of clubs and sports for all interests are offered here.
  • Board:Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Berrigan Elementary School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 6.9/10
  • Regular International Language classes are offered after school along with sports and clubs.
  • Board:Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Cedarview Middle School
  • Grades: 7-8
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A
  • Features bands, intramural sports, frequent fundraisers and Safe School initiatives.
  • Board:Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Chapman Mills Public School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking; 7.7/10
  • Opened in 2013, this young school offers a wide variety of after school activities as well as leadership opportunities like student ambassadors and lunch monitors.
  • Board:Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
École élémentaire catholique Jean-Robert-Gauthier
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.5/10
  • This French Catholic school uses cutting edge technology like interactive whiteboards to engage students in learning.
  • Board: Conseil Des École Catholiques Du Centre-Est
École élémentaire publique Michaëlle-Jean
  • Grades: K-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 6.8/10
  • Offers an international baccalauréat program along with multiple music and language courses.
  • Board: Conseil des École Publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario
École élémentaire catholique Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
  • Grades: K-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.1/10
  • This school has regular extracurriculars, but also makes a point of having special activities such as Francophonie Week, Carnival, and more.
  • Board: Conseil Des École Catholiques Du Centre-Est
École intermédiaire Pierre-Savard
  • Grades: 7-8
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.3/10
  • The intermediate school shares space with the Pierre-Savard Secondary School, and offers pre-concentrated programming in relation to health and the environment.
  • Board: Conseil Des École Catholiques Du Centre-Est
Farley Mowat Public School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking; 5.9/10
  • This school has students from around the world, with an estimated 42 different languages spoken besides English and French. They promote student achievements frequently.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Half Moon Bay Public School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7/10
  • Only 2 years old, this school is already known for being caring, collaborative, and creative.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Jockvale Elementary School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 4.5/10
  • Due to its location by the Ruth E. Dickinson Library and the Walter Baker Recreational Centre, students have the opportunity to partake in activities like skating and author meet-and-greets.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Mary Honeywell Elementary School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7/10
  • This school offers triple-track programming and four specialized system classes that are open to children across the district.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Monsignor Paul Baxter Elementary School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.9/10
  • Along with religious observations, this school has a long list of sports teams, clubs, and activities for students.
  • Board: Ottawa Catholic School Board
Ottawa Christian School
  • Grades:JK-8
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A
  • This growing school offers a variety of programs, including art, technology, music, and French.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 5.8/10
  • This school boasts strong partnerships with parents and the surrounding community, and is dedicated to providing a wholesome, 4-pronged education.
  • Board: Ottawa Catholic School Board
St. Patrick Elementary School
  • Grades: JK-6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: NA
  • St. Patrick is part of the St. Andrew’s Parish and has many programs in place for fostering positive relationships, including the PALS recess program and peer mentors.
  • Board: Ottawa Catholic School Board

Secondary Schools

École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.3/10
  • This French Catholic school offers multiple artistic events, specialized courses, and even online learning opportunities.
  • Board: Conseil Des École Catholiques Du Centre-Est
John McCrae Secondary School
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 8.3/10
  • Many elementary schools feed into John McCrae, which is located near the public library and Walter Baker Sports and Recreational Centre, giving students opportunities to utilize these resources.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary School
  • Grades: 7-12
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 8.1/10
  • This school has an impressive infrastructure, including a 15,000 square foot quad gym, the Alex Getty Auditorium, and an Atrium.
  • Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)
Mother Teresa High School
  • Grades: 7-12
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.7/10
  • Physical health is a big priority at this school, and as such they have an extensive sports program, including a female football team. They also have an large selection of clubs focused on things like the environment, community services, and the youth ministry.
  • Board: Ottawa Catholic School Board
St. Joseph High School
  • Grades: 7-12
  • Fraser’s Ranking: 7.5/10
  • Student clubs, with a particular focus on leadership, are important at this school. They have everything from peer-run groups to social justice initiatives to a book club.
  • Board: Ottawa Catholic School Board

Parks in Barrhaven

Barrhaven is peppered with green spaces that are kid and pet-friendly: perfect for people who love to be active and outdoors.

Andy Moffitt Trail: This is one of the best places in Barrhaven to walk – great for photographers who love getting nature shots.

Burnett Park: Great play structure and lots of wooded area for shade.

Calaveras Park: Tucked right into a subdivision, this park is wide open green space. You can lay down a blanket, bring a frisbee, and have a great afternoon.

Clarke Fields Park: This is a big park, with multiple sports fields, a playground, a bike path and a BMX racetrack. This park is home to a lot of events throughout the year, including Barrhaven Canada Day. It’s also close to a plaza with coffee and snacks.

Half Moon Bay Park: This park has a cool space theme that is sure to please kids. The play structure is situated amidst plenty of wide open, well-manicured green space and paths for walking/biking.

Houlahan Park: This is an amazing park for dogs because of all the space away from the play structures. Locals have taken to donating toys for kids to play with, and it’s a great place for a stroll in the fall.

Ken Ross Park: Splash pad, lots of trees, a ball park, soccer field, and plenty of parking.

Larkin Park: Small park with lots of open space, an ice rink in the winter, and a great place to exercise with your dog.

Mancini Park: Great for casual walks in nature, includes a splash pad and tennis courts.

Mowat Farm Park: A jungle gym for the kids, walking paths for pooches, and plenty of extra space for activities and soccer games.

Mulligan Park: Play structures for kids of all ages, soccer field, well-maintained and great for walking dogs.

North Harrow Park: Dog-friendly with a small jungle gym and swing set – perfect for a quick trip when your kids just need to blow off some steam.

Panda Park: You can really burn off some energy in these wide open spaces and on the jungle gym.

Rodeo Park: Located right off Rodeo Drive, this small park is well-kept and a great place to spend time with your family, play on the jungle gym or have a picnic.

Stinson Park: Play structure, a walking path, and a soccer field – plenty of space to play with the kids.

Stonecrest Park: There’s an impressive play structure, a giant splash pad, and a small hill that is perfect for safe sledding in the winter.

Utman Park: Wide open green spaces, great hills for sledding in the winter, and a playground.

Water Dragon Park: Picnic benches, soccer field, splash pad and play structure – a fun place to spend an afternoon.

Weybridge Park: Well-kept area with a jungle gym, walking paths, a ball field, and plenty of space for the pups!

Even More!

These are just some of the parks located in Barrhaven – there are plenty more for you to discover.

Public Transportation

Barrhaven’s suburban layout means it really pays off to have a car – it makes getting around easier and much quicker. The 416 and Strandherd Drive connect you to other parts of the city, and a car is especially helpful if you just have some quick errands to run in the area.

If you rely on public transportation, OC Transpo has several routes in Barrhaven that include the 270 series of buses with endpoints at MacKenzie King in downtown Ottawa.

You can view current routes here.

Community and Entertainment in Barrhaven

Barrhaven is home to many events that are attended by people from across Ottawa. This includes:

Not to mention the many clubs and activities. Check out the Barrhaven BIA’s events and club calendar to see if there’s something that piques your interest.

Barrhaven also has several public facilities you and your family can use, including:

Amenities in Barrhaven

Barrhaven is predominantly residential, so most residents don’t live right next door to amenities like in a city, but having Ottawa’s downtown close by without the hectic life it brings is what most people love about their neighbourhoods.

But just a short drive or bus ride away, Barrhaven has plenty of amenities to offer.

You have your grocery stores such as Sobeys, Loblaws, and M&M Food Market. There are several health centres in the area, not to mention pharmacies where you can stock up on home necessities.

There are four main shopping areas in Barrhaven: the Barrhaven Town Centre, Chapman Mills Marketplace, Strandherd Crossing, and Barrhaven Mall. These have a variety of stores that make it easy to run errands and clothing stores for when you need a fashion upgrade.

Barrhaven is also home to the Cineplex Odeon, perfect for date nights, family movies on half-price Tuesdays, or as a destination for a rainy day. That doesn’t include many restaurants, tree planting programs, and room for children to run- as well as activities to fill time for empty nesters.

Dining Out in Barrhaven

Just because Barrhaven is a suburb doesn’t mean there aren’t fabulous restaurants for you to try. These are some of the most popular places in the area.

San Marino Pizza

Sometimes you need a slice of ‘za, and when the craving hits, you’ve got to try San Marino. They’ve been making pizza for over 30 years, and not much has changed since then. The pizzas are handmade using traditional, fresh ingredients. Your family will love pizza night in Barrhaven.

Phynicia Restaurant

For freshly prepared authentic Mediterranean cuisine, visit Phynicia Restaurant and Bakery. Family-owned and operated, this culinary gem sources ingredients from a relative’s farm in Lebanon. Dine in or enjoy delicious takeout or delivery and be sure to add their popular mint lemonade and a mouthwatering meat pie to your order.

Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen

Lauded as some of the best Greek food in the city, Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen is perfect for all your special occasions. The atmosphere is cozy but modern, with attentive service. The people behind this restaurant believe that food is one of life’s greatest delicacies, and you’ll feel the same way when you dine there.

Greenfield’s Gastro Public House

If you’re looking to add some entertainment to your dinner, Greenfield’s is a great place to do it. This gastro-pub has rich, scrumptious food that you can enjoy on the patio or near the live music stage. This is a great spot if you want to get together with friends for an evening out, or have a nice date night.

Chen's Kitchen

At Chen’s Kitchen, you’ll find generous portions of amazingly fresh Chinese and Thai-style fare. Patrons rave about the flavour of the food and how well it is prepared, with several guests referencing perfectly crisp and never soggy veggies. Chen’s is run by a local Barrhaven family, so when you drop by, you’ll be supporting a neighbour.

Is ‘The Haven’ Right for Your New Home?

Barrhaven is hands-down one of the hottest areas in the city. If it sounds like the place for you, your next step is to call us.

Our real estate agents have years of experience finding homes that check off the items on your wishlist. When you find that dream home, we can handle the negotiations and handle the paperwork when it’s time to close.

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