Blood Drive Clinic a Huge Success!

Blood DriveWe’re thrilled to announce that our blood drive on Friday November 6 was a sell out show! We managed to get all 62 available appointments booked at the Ottawa Permanent Blood Collection Center.

There were pizzas, Tim Bits and coffee for all the donors. For those who don’t know, it’s important to rest for a bit and eat after donating blood. While it’s safe to drive afterwards, you should avoid strenuous activity for about 8 hours afterwards. Special thanks to Mark and Cathy Dickie of the Manotick Tim Hortons for helping out by donating the Tim Bits and coffee.

Paul Rushforth and Jim Abrams at Blood Drive ClinicWe were also proud and humbled by the amazing example shown by some of the people who attended. Jim Abrams was making his 850th donation. We would like to solute everyday heroes like Jim who make saving lives a part of their regular routine.

If you missed the blood drive, don’t worry – it’s never too late to give blood. You can go to to find out how it works and book and appointment. We also intend to have another blood drive soon.

A couple of things to know if you are considering donating:

  • You can only donate every 56 days or so – that’s about 5 times a year.
  • Please wait until you are cold and flu free to donate.
  • They are in desperate need of all blood types, especially O negative because it is the universal donor.

You can find out more information on’s FAQ page.

Why Your Blood is Needed

Every day in Canada, thousands of people need blood transfusions. People of all ages and from all walks of life need blood for scheduled life saving surgeries, cancer treatments, emergency operations and more.

There’s never enough blood, and often patients are forced to wait until enough is available.

You too can save a life! Donate today!

Jocelyn Donating Blood

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