6 Things You Must Do Before You Sell Your House

Steps to take before you sell lg (1)You’ve come to the point in your life where you’re looking at your house and realizing that it is time to sell.

Before you hammer that sign into the front yard, you should have some things done and ready to go so that once the process gets started, it doesn’t have to stop.

1. Contact a Realtor

One of the first things you should do to prepare to sell your house is contact a realtor. Having a professional who knows how to market your house to the right buyer and handle incoming offers will make the entire process smoother.

Many people think about selling their homes themselves, but that comes with risks and situations that can become overwhelming, which can lead to problems with the sale. A realtor will bring their experience and professional skills, leaving you to concentrate on the important things.

Our realtors help you start the process of selling your home, but they can help you get into a new one.

2. Make Sure Your Paperwork Is In Order

Many people may not think that having paperwork to present to buyers is necessary at the beginning of the sale process, but it is important to have everything organized and ready to go.

For example, do you have records of recent repairs? What about the dates major renovations were done, or when your home was last inspected? Buyers will want to know all the little things about your house that you probably hardly ever think about.

Some of the papers you should gather in a potential buyer information packet for your realtor include:

  • HVAC equipment warranties
  • Roof warranty and condition report
  • Home improvement projects, with dates
  • Any applicable permits

3. Do Some Research

Depending on where you live and where the market is, you should do some research before selling your home. Right now the market is in a great place, with lots of buyers looking to find their next dream house. That means that you can get a rough idea of how much your house will sell for my looking at recent sales of similar homes in similar neighbourhoods.

Remember: Looking at similar sales is not a guarantee that your house will sell for the same price. It is important to talk to realtor, and get the proper inspections, to arrive at a real number.

You’ll most likely be looking to buy too. This means you need to decide where you want to live, what kind of home you’d like to move into, and what kind of price range you want. This is where your realtor comes in. Together you can decide the perfect time to sell and look forward to where you want to go.

4. Curb Appeal

Buyers are looking for a home that most resembles the images they’ve created in the minds or seen on listing sites and scenic drives. You want your house to be exactly what buyers want, which means it has to look the part on the inside and the outside.

This means that if the lawn is uncut, the fence is broken, or the stairs are sagging on one side, it needs to be fixed before you list. These are small fixes that will lead to big ROIs, along with any needed repairs inside.

There is a line between what you have to do when it comes to renovations and repairs, and what is unnecessary. We have some tips on what renovations will get you rewards.

5. Clean and Declutter

A buyer will want to see a new home as a blank slate, which means that before you arrange any showings, you’ll have to do two things: clean and declutter.

Only a scant few of us actually enjoy cleaning, but it’s what you have to do before letting any buyers through the door. You don’t want to view a home that looks sloppy or chaotic; neither does anyone else.

Buyers are also trying to see themselves in a new home, something that is difficult to do when all they can see is pictures of your family or knick knacks you’ve picked up from your travels. We’re not saying you have to empty your home before showing it. What you have to do is declutter; store some of the items that could detract from anyone seeing your current home as their new one.

6. Remember, But Let It Go

This is going to be hard. It doesn’t matter why you’re moving; when you do, you’re going to be faced with a lot of memories and emotions. After all, this was your home!

We’re glad you have such fond memories, and we bet that wherever you live next will be just as great. That doesn’t mean you should ever forget the home you’re selling. Instead, take some pictures and remember the fun times you’ve had there. Then start the process of letting go.

When You’re Ready, We’ll Get To Work

Once you’re ready to list your home, we won’t waste any time getting it on the market. Your home sale will have an entire team behind it from start to finish.

In the meantime, we’ll help you find your own new home. And if you’re worried about carrying two homes for too long, we can help with that too. Our Guaranteed Sale assures that if we don’t sell your home before you take possession of your new one, otherwise we’ll buy it ourselves.

Our focus is on you, and making sure that we get your everything you need to start your next chapter.

Learn More About Our Guaranteed Sale

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