2023 Design Trends

A new year represents a fresh start, why not also let it be a fresh start to your home’s design? Here are our predictions for 2023 design trends that your home needs to have in order to be the most inviting on the block.

More Vintage Than Ever

If you’ve tried to go shopping in the past year – you would know that everyone else and their cousin also tried to renovate their home during the pandemic. This led to worldwide shortages in supply chains for furniture, home decor, and everything else related to home sale renovation. To combat this, many have turned to not vintage-inspired furniture, but actual vintage pieces! This is a great opportunity to bring one-of-a-kind pieces into your home that are both gorgeous to look at and great for the environment. The best part? Vintage and antique furniture often have bags of character and details that you could not easily find in stores today – especially at an affordable price. An old piece with a great patina reflects love and tells a great story in your home.

Plenty Of Natural Materials

Partially inspired by the great supply chain shortage of 2021, and partially inspired by a movement away from fast fashion, folks are looking for furniture and design materials made from natural materials. These pieces will have a longevity to them that far exceeds flat pack furniture manufacturers while also breathing in a timelessness into your space. Who wouldn’t want a space that feels more calming?

Black Accents

While we did see a bit of an introduction of black accents in 2021, we anticipate this going into full swing in 2023. Lamps, door handles, side tables, faucets and drawer pulls – if you can find it in black that’s the way to go! The reason this is trending lately is because it adds edge and depth to minimalist spaces that lean on natural materials. It provides a sophisticated contrast from the neutral and earthy materials in the rest of your space.

Textured Fabrics

After spending so much time at home, we’re all looking to make our space as cozy and inviting as possible. Velvets, sherpas and boucles not only add warmth to your space but also make it feel chic and luxurious. Pair a fringed throw blanket with crisp white blankets and you’ll see how elevated your space will become.

Living Room Bars

Living room bars were off the radar for quite a few decades, but there was a resurgence of them when the only bar we could attend was at home. Now that we’ve gotten accustomed to bringing the bar inside the home, many want to keep it there. A living room bar can be a clever use of space that divides the children from the adults. It can be a built-in, or a sleek and elegant bar cart with just the essentials.

Have you tried any of these design tips? Or do you think there’s a design trend that’s missing from this list? Please let me know! I’d love to hear all of your ideas.

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