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Tammy Dopson Ottawa Real Estate AgentTammy is very detail oriented and always has her market numbers down. But she’s also very empathetic and patient, and understands that buying or selling a home is not easy for everyone. “Being able to listen and answer questions is a very important part of what I do,” she says.

She is known around the office for being incredibly responsive and flexible, with a gift for switching gears depending on what each client needs. “Some people are more interested in the numbers, but for others a home is a big part of their personal life.”

Having bought and sold homes for hundreds of clients since she joined the Paul Rushforth team in 2012, she is a highly experienced negotiator. “You have to be a strategist to be in this business. It’s all about getting the job done for the client,” says Tammy.

“She was amazing. Trying to sell a property is stressful enough, but add in a distance of 1300km plus tenants, I was a borderline basket case. Tammy was able to make me feel comfortable enough throughout the process that she had my entire confidence. She has the ability to make one feel comfortable and secure in her abilities. If I am ever looking for another property in the area, I would not hesitate to use the Paul Rushforth team.”
- Doug and Kevin, Ottawa, 2017

"I have nothing but praise. My agent, Tammy Dopson, has the patience of an angel. My husband passed away just a few days after listing. She immediately cancelled all showings until she said I was totally ready. When I called almost two weeks later, showings resumed. I was rather emotional during the next few weeks but Tammy answered every phone call and e-mail. It was listed on April 15th and sold on May 13th despite it being off the market for almost two weeks. I am very happy with the amount the house sold for and her advice and assistance was invaluable."
- Nicky, 2017

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A straight shooter with a caring heart, she is equally adept with investors and people going through a major life transitions, whether they’re upsizing or downsizing their homes. If a couple has different priorities, her natural diplomatic skills kick in. She is also an expert with rural properties, and is very familiar with their special considerations and benefits. Her ability to zero in on the best features of every home and showcasing them to buyers is critical to her success.

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Family and Community

A born organizer and active volunteer, when she’s not helping her clients Tammy loves to give back to the community.

She is a regular blood donor at the local Red Cross Clinic and has been showing her love of children in the past 4 years (and counting!) through flipping burgers at the CHEO BBQ and giving a hand at CHEO Fun Day.

Reviews From Tammy's Clients

Here are some recommendations from just a few of Tammy's clients.

  • Thank You Tammy Wed Mar 21, 2018

    We wanted to take the opportunity to thank Tammy Dopson for her exceptional work in selling our home. Tammy went above and beyond through the entire process, from advising us on the best timing for listing to staging the house for the most impact. As a result, we ended up selling our house for over the asking price, all thanks to her efforts and guidance. We would definitely highly recommend Paul Rushforth to all of our family and friends!

    - Andrea

  • Tammy is a consummate professional and anyone would be luck to have her as an agent. Mon Apr 03, 2017

    We have purchased and sold a number of houses, but our most straightforward and positive experience to date has been with Paul Rushforth Real Estate. Our agent, Tammy Dopson, was incredibly knowledgeable, up to date on the Ottawa market, accessible and gave extremely practical advice. She is a consummate professional and anyone would be luck to have her as an agent. The Rushforth Admin team, especially Hannah Walhad, made the paperwork easy. In short, a very positive experience. Recommend!

    - Leah

  • Very knowledgeable, professional and personable Tue Jan 12, 2016

    Purchased our house with Paul Rushforth. Tammy our agent was great, very knowledgeable, professional and personable. Free boxes and truck were a real bonus. Definitely recommend.

    Fred, Ottawa

  • I could not have asked for better representation Mon Sep 14, 2015

    Tammy Dopson did a wonderful job in difficult and sometimes frustrating circumstances, maintaining her professionalism and, thankfully, sense of humour. I could not have asked for better representation.

    G. Allan, Ottawa

  • Tammy made what could have been a long, drawn-out process - quick, painless, and convenient. Tue Jul 21, 2015

    We didn't have high expectations to sell our home in the Ottawa Valley in the fall of 2014 - the doom and gloom forecast of slowing markets and economies made it unlikely to make a quick sale, we thought.  Nevertheless, based on others recommendations, I requested market information from the Paul Rushforth Agency, thinking at the least we could perhaps prepare the house for better presentation when we did decide to put it on the market in the spring of 2015

    After being matched with Tammy Dopson as the most appropriate agent for both our home (and our personalities), it became clear that the initial phone calls and questionnaires from the agency did indeed have a purpose and were a very productive tool to get the fastest results possible.  Tammy was professional from the start and wasn't afraid to lay it on the line when it came to being realistic about the markets, the state of our house, and the price; it was very easy to work with her and clear, transparent communication was top-notch, something we very much appreciated, especially with an infant and toddler in the house.

    The end result?  Despite our house being under renovation and a true horror show for showings both inside and out in November 2014, the house sold to the second family to walk through before it even made it onto the public market.  It was a great way to enter the Christmas season - what a huge relief!

    Tammy made what could have been a long, drawn-out process - every family's nightmare vision of selling their house - quick, painless, and convenient.  We didn't have to endure endless open houses (and the necessity of the constant cleaning required in the event of a private showing), price reductions because there was no interest, and the stressful wondering of 'what if the house doesn't sell?' that can eat away at a person.  She got the market price right from the start, and carefully screened interested parties so that tours were productive for everyone and not just a means of people getting to see the inside of your house, thereby preserving our need for privacy as much as she could.

    The bottom line is that we've moved (and been moved) several times around the country, and this was the easiest sale process we've ever experienced.  If we ever decide to move again, we'll go back to the Paul Rushforth Agency, no questions asked.  (The free moving truck is also a nice touch, by the way.)

    Thanks for all your help!
    Karen Dunn

  • Thanks for the great experience Tammy! Wed Jul 08, 2015

    Hey Paul Rushforth Real Estate! Tammy Dopson is a great asset. She's professional, knowledable and has a wicked sense of humour. Tammy made me feel comfortable through the whole buying experience. She patiently answered all my questions and expertly guided me through the entire process. Tammy even gave me great contacts for painting, carpet installation and foundation repair work. I will definitely use her for my next real estate transaction  and will highly recommend her to all my friends and contacts. Thanks for the great experience Tammy!

    Janice Dawson

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