Jason Polonski

Selling Partner/Sales Representative

Jason Polonski Ottawa Real Estate AgentJason works tirelessly to make sure that the needs of his clients are met in every way possible. Buying and selling homes is a big responsibility, one he takes seriously. He believes that success in real estate is dependent on how many happy, satisfied clients he has. He is focused on finding the right fit for each person. “It’s like being a matchmaker,” he says.

Before joining the team in 2017, Jason met Paul when we sold him his first Ottawa home over four years ago. He was impressed by our personal approach, the consistent availability, and the fact that his needs were put first.

Jason is the exact same way with his clients, making him a natural fit for us. He understands that no buyer or seller is the same. Whether it is a young adult looking to buy their first home, or a retired couple looking to downsize, every story is unique, something Jason loves. “It’s an exciting experience,” he says. “I’m happy to be a part of their story.”

Since he received his real estate license in 2014, Jason has continuously goes above and beyond to learn as much as he can about the real estate market. Not a week goes by when he is not looking for more information to better serve his clients.

Jason uses his life experiences to bring more to his clients. As a dog owner, Jason is familiar with animal-friendly neighbourhoods that are near off-leash parks. Thanks to degrees in marketing and construction electricity, he has an eye for a well-built home with proper workmanship. His constant focus on providing quality information is reflective of his attitude on serving his clients’ needs. “Hard work pays off,” he says.

Outside the Office

ason was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and speaks English, French, Russian, and Ukrainian. Before moving to Ottawa over four years ago, Jason worked in Montreal, where in his free time he volunteered at the SPCA.
Now his time is occupied by his clients and his dog, who likes to accompany Jason on frequent long walks.

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