Eric Vezina

Selling Partner/Sales Representative

Eric Vezina Ottawa Real Estate AgentOne of our newest hires, this licensed real estate agent works as both a listing agent and as a buyer’s agent. First time home buyers face a lot of new challenges, and he is especially adept at helping them steer through the waters of today's market.

As a millennial, Eric has a lot of insight into the values of this tech-savvy generation. “The average age of the Canadian homebuyer is 33, so I understand their complex wants and needs.”

He attributes his easy going nature in part to his extensive experience in the public service industry. “I learned how to relate to people from all walks of life, and how rewarding it is to help someone solve a problem,” he says.

Eric has owned three properties so far, including an income-generating property he has owned for over five years.

He is an experienced renovator of older homes. Having done his own kitchen overhaul, extensive landscaping, foundation work and more, he’s developed an educated eye for the pros and cons of a home. This will come in handy when helping home buyers, especially first timers, understand the value of any upgrades a home has - or needs.

"I was extremely satisfied with the service that Eric Vezina at Paul Rushforth provided! He was very accommodating with his time, walked us through the process step by step, and made the purchase of my first home very smooth and stress free. I will definitely be recommending Eric to friends, family, clients, and co-workers."
- Rene Fitzgerald, October 2016

Eric has also lived in a rural property, and understands their unique characteristics, like wells and septic systems. With a father in the HVAC business, he also has first hand knowledge of heating and cooling systems that will definitely come in handy.

Eric has a BA in Sociology and a college diploma as well.

Family Life

Originally Eric was born and raised in Ottawa, but he and his wife returned here to be closer to family. Eric and his wife are the proud parents of a baby son, and plan to have more children in the future.

Eric loves sports, and currently plays in a soccer league. He is an avid golfer, “but not necessarily a good one,” he laughs. While he will miss skiing in the Rockies, he plans to fill the gap with hockey in the winter.

Favourite Causes

Eric is looking forward to helping out at community events with the Rushforth team. In the past he has volunteered for Special Needs Services of Ottawa and as a volunteer driver with the Canadian Cancer Society in Alberta.

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